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ISBN 978-0-9891960-7-9
U.S. $15.00

In the Midst of the Storm:
They Call Me Stormi

Felecia Poolé



This is a riveting story of a young girl’s journey through love, sex, and betrayal, her fight to keep her sanity and the consequences of trying to became an adult too fast. Take the journey with her as she struggles through this thing we call life.

On the day she was born a mighty storm raged. Her father nicknamed her Stormi. She was born at the speed of a bowel movement. Had she cheated death, had her survival changed the course of her family’s destiny?

Stormi and her teenage friend, Shannon, shared the kind of friendship that most never achieve in a lifetime, but something awful happened to Shannon, and Stormi was left with a dilemma involving saving her friend’s life, not being a snitch, and staying true to the game. This was the making of a Mad Bitch!


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