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ISBN 978-0-615-96559-8
U.S. $15.00

Young & Reckless
Khaaliq Binns


Demetrius Williams, at the age of eighteen, was slam-dunking from behind the free throw line with college scouts jocking him every game. The question becomes: what would make a young man give up on his basketball dreams and trade them for street dreams, when becoming an NBA player was in his view? Vickie, Demetrius' mother, is a loving, caring, and hardworking, unsuspecting mother. She could have never suspected her son, having NBA potential, would forfeit it. She thought he was attending school every day until one morning, after waking him up for school, he said, "I am not going to school, and I am not going to the prom." What she heard from his lips was more than she could bear. She knew that Demetrius was entering a chaotic world. What she feared was that he was falling into his father's footsteps. His father, while he was trying to rob a bank, was killed by the LAPD in front of Demetruis as a child.


Scrilla, a hood wizard who knew the ins and outs of the Los Angeles slums, befriended Demetrius. Scrilla watched Demetrius grow up riding his bike down the street where he peddled cocaine. He saw Demetruis during his high school years walking down the street, dribbling his basketball. Even though he was a hustler and a ruthless thug, Scrilla did not want young Demetrius to follow in his footsteps. Demetrius joined the streets after an altercation with his stepfather. He was attracted to the wrong kind of friends-young, reckless, wannabe street hustlers. After his getaway from the Nix Check Cashing Robbery, he considered himself inducted into the Hall of Hustlers. This wild roller-coaster ride is a cautionary tale. It will hold you hostage until the end. You will be shocked to see how the loose ends are intricately tied together and deep secrets revealed. A page-turner indeed!


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