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Professional Business/
Management Consulting Services
1425 W. Manchester Ave. Ste. B
L.A., CA, 90047
(323) 750-3592
Living Trust...Wills,.. Power Of Attorney...Business Start-Up Consultations.

Classic One Books And Herbs
Herbs that helps you heal - All kinds of books, Herbs & Vitamins - We send books to your loved ones who are in jail or prison.
1425 W. Manchester, Ste B
L.A., CA 90047  (323) 750-4114.

Dr. Rosie's Internet Radio Show:
Express Yourself
every Tuesday from
10:00am to 11:00am PST.

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Mobil Service Available!
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Dr Rosie
911 For Black America
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Harvest Institute

Black Writers On Tour
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Jesus' Great Master Plan

John Entsuah

Prepared Just For 66 Gospel Messages

Henry L. Knight

God Spoke and the Poet Wrote

Frank Wallace

C.O.G.I.C. (Church of God in Christ)

Unsanctioned Issues

Elder Kelvin McGee

A Member's Words From God

Joan Waters

Something For Everybody: A Smorgasbord That Will Make You Say "Wow!"

Kenny R. Jones

The Body of Christ

Bishop Will Wheat, Ph.D.

Restraint In Speech

Bishop Will Wheat, Ph.D.


What's Happening Inside Your Prayer Closet?

Ananda Glover-Akpey

Poised For Destiny
Carolyn C. Gauthier

My Gift, His Love

Joel Deayon

Death Came Knocking
but Life Answered the Door
Henry L. Knight

Who is Jesus Christ

Denlin Henry

I Cry No More

Beatrice Cunningham-Davis

Thy Kingdom Come

Bishop Will Wheat, Ph.D.

The Creator

Carmelita Suarez

When There is No Visual Means of Support

Helen Carter Johnson

Committed Women In The Heart Of God

Dennis Trapp

Ten Church Growth Principles
"Empowering Your Church To Grow"

Rev. Chester B. Tollette